From yarn through finished products that draw on in new innovation and technology, Novawear has become one of the few apparel manufacturers capable of achieving complete vertical-integration of its supply chain. The company engages in creative activities and corporate social responsibility world wide. We provide complete manufacturing services from design to productions, help your brand or company presence from metaverse to physical world.

Realizing Vertical Integration


(Fiber forward)

Source stable supply in yarns in the strategic region


Right Color, correct stability, supreme performances

Lead time reduction. Increased quality control. Cost saving


Precise knitting, stable production rate

Cut & Sew


Quality control in each process, cut & sew to packing

Research + Development

    • Market research
    • Product research
    • Design Conceptualization
    • Trend forecasting and analysis
    • Access to established fabric libraries in New York, Los Angeles and Seoul offices


    • Directing technical design aspects of project
    • Development of patternmaking and fit samples
    • Creating CAD specification packages and line sheets

Fabric Innovation

    • Updated inventory of fabric finishes
    • Textile Printing
    • Technical agents and enhancements
    • Sustainably and ethically made fabrics

Trend Forecasting

    • Tailoring specific trends to individual client projects
    • Establishing target markets for particular vendees
    • Acclimating and adjusting clients to previsioned market research

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Ethical + Sustainable Practices
    • Positive Community Engagement
    • Diversity | Equity | Inclusion
    • Environmental Impact

Ethical + Sustainable Practices

Novawear is committed to working as ethically and sustainably as possible. From traceability of supply chains to fair wages and environmental impact, we strive to work honestly and with dignity, for the benefit of all involved.

Positive Community Engagement

Supporting local establishments and non-profits allows us to make a direct impact, throughout the supply chain and different communities at large. It's here in Los Angeles where we began our operations, and it is here where we uplift.

Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

We aim to uplift and support those marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved. By working equitably and transparently with diverse groups, ensures fair representation and livable wages with inclusivity.

Environmental Impact

We strive to meet the strictest standards in environmental sustainability, guaranteeing operations reduce water and toxin waste, with sustainably sourced raw materials. Incorporating cutting-edge technology reiterates this promise.